Genuinely, I have never dreamt of creating a beauty line or product. People who know me well can testify about it. I like braiding hair, that is my thing… I am very comfortable doing that. I have been in the hair business for so many years, and have seen almost all types of hair. I have seen the good ones, the very good ones, the bad, and the worst ones. But, what touched me the most was when my clients turned to me for advice regarding their hair, and I found myself unable to help them the way I wanted. I was really disappointed when I did not have the perfect answers for my clients, and sometimes I will go to Google or Amazon to find products that would meet their needs. However, I was neither satisfied nor comfortable doing that because I do not know about the quality of the ingredients in the products that I am advising them to use for their hair. I wanted to know more about the product I am suggesting to my clients, and this took me on a journey of unending researches and taking several classes just to make sure I can be in a position of recommending the right hair products to my salon clients. Ultimately, the results were gratifying as my clients were getting the results they needed. When I suggest a product to anyone, the person would see a good result, but we thought we could do better in helping our customers grow and maintain healthy hair by creating all-natural/organic products, saturated with healthy herbal ingredients, sourced from around the world that have been proven to grow and maintain hair naturally for thousands of years. Eventually, Bithia Natural Beauty was founded to achieve and promote the passion and usage of natural and organic health and beauty products that truly work.


Creating All Natural Beauty & Personal Care Products

Bithia Natural Beauty is a Beauty and Personal Care products company, which manufactures healthy Beauty and Personal Care products, especially hair care products with all-natural and organic, healthy ingredients sourced from around the world that have been proven to grow and maintain hair naturally for thousands of years. Our brand is natural and safe for women and men who desire natural products for their hair and skin. Our focus is to exclusively provide health and beauty through herbs and natural ingredients.

Bithia Natural Beauty

"For Your Natural Hair Care Journey.